We help your children develop stronger academic skills, earn better grades, all while they gain confidence, motivation, and  love of learning.

If your child is facing difficulties, we can help. Even if your child is excelling, we can provide the challenges that keep them engaged and ready for a future of academic excellence.

School-based tutoring is often designed to help students complete their homework. Our learning center gives your child instruction and through efficient tutoring. It’s through the personal attention, quality, and service that we help students of all ages build confidence and achieve academic success.

Academic programs include:

  • Daily agenda

A tutoring program that will best serve children's needs and accomplish the daily agenda of the school. 

  • Reinforcements

It is a support in certain subjects that the students need to reinforce.

  • Official exams

We prepare students to sit for and succeed in the official Lebanese Brevet and Lebanese Baccalaureate exams.

  • University entrance exams

We offer courses for the exams needed to enter the universities.